This is a valium fueled selfie with Dr. Pham.

Valium, Chicago, Paintball, and My Week 2 Wrap Up

I’ve been chronicling my journey working out. Week 1 was smooth sailing. Week 2 had a lot more curve balls (a root canal, travel to Chicago, and paintball) and I made it through. Things are headed in the right direction.

Mission Valley YMCA Pool

Weekly Workouts 2

This week will be a test on my commitment. A root canal and a work trip usually derail me. Here’s what I’m doing this week.


Week 1 Wrap Up

My first week back and committed to training went really well. I didn’t miss a single workout even though I really wanted to. Writing this post and sharing it on Facebook really held me accountable to myself.


Staying Motivated to Workout – 5 Things I do to stay on track

Staying motivated to workout isn’t easy. Here are some tips that have helped me to break through the difficult times when working out sounds like the worst thing ever.


Weekly Workouts 1

I’m trying something new. I’m posting my workouts for the week so that I can keep myself accountable and to invite others into what I’m doing.


Moving Still Sucks

We’re moving and I’m not a fan. It’s nice to downsize and get rid of the excess, it’s just an exhausting process that I’d rather not do.


Positivity and Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence I’ve been learning about podcasting and in this little course I’m taking I was introduced to Christina Canters, founder of The C Method. On her about page, Christina says, “I help people communicate effectively”. I wouldn’t say I’m a bad communicator. In fact, I think I’m pretty good. I do believe I could be


I have a new job title and I’m not comfortable with it

I’m uncomfortable with my new job title. Recently I received the new title of CTO at Fifty & Fifty. CTO is short for Chief Technical Officer and it’s quite a lofty moniker. The role has a variety of responsibilities and though I feel inadequate for the role, I am the best person in my company


Jen has lost 50 pounds, and she is now helping others

Jen and I go way back! During her junior and senior year of high school I was her swim coach. Jen was a novice and definitely struggled. My policy was that if we had the room and you followed the rules (attendance and attitude) you were a member of our team. Jen had outstanding attendance and

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